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BigToker94·BEEVOKE·540d67 reviews

Orange Push Pop/Beevoke/Late Jan

I ordered the AAAA version of orange push pop as they also offer it as AAA for a slightly cheaper price. What i received did not much the photos of the website or other peoples reviews on reddit. I know it was labeled as orange push pop so i got the right strain and i do realize you can get complete...
BigToker94·BEEVOKE·540d67 reviews

Cherry Punch AAAA/ Beevoke/ Late Jan. *Warning they are using OCS photos of BLK Market Cherry punch as their own to sell seedy weed that burns black, not quads at all!*

Exactly both companies are clowns i would never pay that for much for a quarter. I will also never spend another dollar on these scammers. If they would have taken a actual photo of the shit theyre selling id have never bought any of it
ManahilGilbert·BEEVOKE·546d16 reviews

Orange Push Pop-Beevoke-February 2021

Smell - 9/10 once unleashing this stuff from the vac sealed bag inside the mylar that the orange terpenes being contained just shot up in the air. The nose being heavy in the citrus department, with skunky herbal, and earthiness notes

Smoke 8.5/10 - it's a smooth smoking slow burni...
Electronifyy·BEEVOKE·553d124 reviews

Orange Push Pop - Beevoke // January 2020

Aptly named and beautifully cultivated, this batch of OPP boasts noticeable levels of orange terpenes with just enough of a sweet scent to fulfill the namesake. Deep midnight blue hues interwoven with vibrant greens are uninterrupted by what seems to be a lack of orange hairs, all encompassed by a b...
MCDaddy75·BEEVOKE·557d431 reviews

Orange Push Pop - BeeVoke - January

Orange Push Pop From BeeVoke

Visual: They were very dark buds with lots of creamy crystal coating them. The brown hairs really blended into the buds and it had a Peanut Butter Breath look to it. The buds were very dense.

Nose: I really got the orange peel smell from it and qu...
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