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Carly's Pink / Carly's Garden / August

Just got this batch of Carly's Pink, maybe similar to last batch, but I do like this one a bit more, potency is good and the smoke is clean. I would say it is a bit leafy on the downside, but otherwise a really nice sweet vanilla pink with some light gas notes to it.

28g for only $127...

THIN MINT GSC Carlys Garden July 2022

Whooooweeee, another good one I'd say. Would give it a nice greasy if possible, really nicely caked out buds that seem nice and fresh. Few leaves here and there but man these buds were really caked out and beautiful. Flavour wise, if you're into the cookies n cream, cookies this, cookies th...

MAC Carlys Garden July 2022

Very nice one here from Carly. Resembles a nice MAC1 caps cut I had a little bit back. Nice dense tight nugs with almost perfect trim. A tad bit dry upon landing, but no issue. Nose is strong and translates into a lovely creams n gas flavour. Great great value.
cromalia·Carly's Garden·33d4 reviews

Lemon Jack ♥ Carly's Garden ♥ July 2022

Part of Canada Day sales. I've been hearing so much about Jack Herer I think this is a cross. I know this isn't the true Jack Herer strain but I had to try something with some jack flavour in it. Everybody has been talking about having great creative energy on these sativas. I want to get in...
Amsnowyy·Carly's Garden·38d4 reviews

Greasy Pink - Carly's Garden - Last week of June

I was looking forward to a greasy oil filled strain but I was met with less than terpy flat grassy smells. I don't really like this one. Would have been better if it was more frosty or maybe given proper nutrients during its grow. Thc isn't very strong but a strong plant taste is there. Mor...
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