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moolid·Carly's Garden·151d18 reviews

Rose Petals - Carly's Garden - February 2024

A bit expensive but I think it's worth it as it's still fresh. It doesn't smell like rose but it is floral and sweet.

This one doesn't feel strong at first but the effects build up gradually until everything become so heavy. By the end of it the strong constant buzz make m...
cromalia·Carly's Garden·165d20 reviews

Bubba Kush ♥ Carly's Garden ♥ January 2024

Honestly it's like some old kush they left in storage it just become so dry and crumbly. With barely any trichomes and terp left it only feels slightly kushy but there were barely any flavour left. Potency can feel lacking and doesn't feel reliable at all. Sometimes I have a light buzz that ...
cromalia·Carly's Garden·172d20 reviews

Red Pop Runtz ♥ Carly's Garden ♥ January 2024

Mostly small to medium dense it's not super sticky icky but there's still a good amount of resin in there giving the buds a good smell. If I would to describe it would be sweet like fruits which go really well with the creamy smoke. This is a 50/50 so unless you are a hardline for sativa or ...

Pink Goo - Carly's Garden - Sept

This Pink Goo is pretty good. It looks good, smells and taste great, like a solid Pink strain. Ash was light, but did have dark spots, still a smooth smoke overall. I may put it as the same level as Carly's Pink that I had before, but the price is a bit more, so I don't see as much value. St...
SilvaEdwin·Carly's Garden·322d18 reviews

Gelato - Carly's Garden - August

This is some pretty good stuff. Didn't get many large nugs, but the nugs that I got were - wow. Fully caked and absolutely appealing. This Gelato is definitely on the high end of things, it offered up a good clean smoke with mostly white ash, great inhales, and most of all great Gelato flavour. ...
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