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JD17·Caviar-Canna·1221d11 reviews

Caviar-Canna March 2019 Sample Review

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**Communication and packaging:**

Cavier-Canna is a newer MoM entering our scene, providing an array of products. Our discussions were quick and to the point, with them offering and having a sample package sent out the same day. It arrive...
StonerSteve64·Caviar-Canna·1225d474 reviews

Frosty God - Caviar-Canna - March

Yeah the 3 strains I tried all have the same labelling/info on each bag
StonerSteve64·Caviar-Canna·1225d474 reviews

Platinum Kush - Caviar-Canna - March

This PK has a strong earthy/sweet smell with undertones of pepper. The flavour is similar but more sweetness than spicy. The buds a fresh and crispy on the outside and slightly sticky on the inside. The burn is clean white ash with specs of white grey. Nice oil ring when burning a spliff too. This ...
StonerSteve64·Caviar-Canna·1225d474 reviews

100mg Chocolate Bars by @StayLitMunchiez - Caviar-Canna - March

I found them pretty accurate dose at 100mg/bar.

I get a decent body buzz and sedating high off one bar but a few of my friends ate half of the bar and were lights out lol. It’s crazy how different people react to edibles but for the price + 20% off code these bars are a steal!



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