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worreyevan·Cheebas·34d9 reviews

Wifi OG - Cheebas - May 2022

Really nice buds. I was skeptical when I saw WiFi Og. I was kind of expecting something more on the terpy side but this was icy to the max. White THC crystals that cover a light green bud. The crystals look like frost on a cold morning.

Burns really nice in a joint and i enjoyed this t...
Kilimanjahroots·Cheebas·42d23 reviews

Cereal Milk Full Melt - Cheebas - july 2022

Wish i grabbed more than a gram of this.. it's probably one of the best hash i've smoked yet. The aromas and taste are great, its a sweet creamy thick smoke that gets you fucked in no time, it smokes perfect in a pipe and the texture is very soft and sticky.

The effects are long l...
Kilimanjahroots·Cheebas·42d23 reviews

Rosin Hash - cheebas - july 2022

It has earthy/sweet/citrus aromas and taste, the texture is like playdough.. you can shape it easily and it's sticky.

Fairly smooth and potent, it smokes well in a pipe and stays lit, the effects are like an hybrid that leans on the indica side and long lasting. I'm happy with thi...
ledgrowguy420·Cheebas·134d20 reviews

Jelly Breath // Cheebas // April 5

First time ordering from Cheebas, great customer service and avg shipping times from BC to Toronto.

Oz arrived in the designer bags. Pretty cool, I'll add a photo when I review the hash. Looked like it was gonna be shirt but man those buds are dense even though they are all smalls wh...
worreyevan·Cheebas·180d9 reviews

Sunset Sherbert - Cheebas - February

Small to average sized sticky, dense, and frosty buds. It gives a very gassy aroma with a hint of fruit. The smoke was pretty smooth and the ash was a light gray. I was expecting a more Indica leaning strain but it is actually a well-rounded high that leans slightly toward Indica. It’s a great exp...
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