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Odd-Assumption·ChronicStore·1343d60 reviews

Vanilla Kush&Blueberry HTSFE Rolling terps/Chronic store/April2020

I did my research on these guys they are based in BC and moving away from direct sales because sometimes MOMS sell bad brands

They have a bunch of extracts like shatter and some rarer classic strains like Dutch treat. Both have a lil skunk to them

Blueberry: true short genetics, mi...
masoman95·ChronicStore·1434d22 reviews

Grape LA Budder - ChronicStore - Jan.06

Value 7.5/10
Quality 7/10

Smells nice, dabs smooth and tasted like the plant +sweet, skunky-ness.
Looked off from the pics not as golden/caramel and more brown.
Still it’s some good smoke and worth the 22/g for sure.
masoman95·ChronicStore·1434d22 reviews

Gelato Shatter - ChronicStore - Jan.06

Value 8/10
Quality 8/10
Nice clean tasting dabs, smooth. Not full glass but almost perfect consistency in between (not sap, not shatter) Nice gelato taste, creamy and gassy. Worth the price $22 /g
Dab Temps >550*F

Blue Alien Shatter(HOG)/ Chronic Store/ Early July

zyrs86·ChronicStore·1681d3 reviews

Sport Champ Sourberry - chronicstore - May 2019

half of the piece on the bottom right will get me ripped, I’m no dab connoisseur but I have a high tolerance, very happy with what I paid
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