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kyleisrlydead··1d18 reviews

Project Runtz #9 - - Early August

Project Runtz #9 from noj0keting ?

This is my type of smoke. Funky, gassy terps with a smooth proper burn.

Literally every nug in the entire ounce was medium to large in size.

The high is fun, solid cerebral high mixed with a nice blanket of relaxation and some hea...
kyleisrlydead··8d18 reviews

Georgia Pie - July 29th -

Solid bag appeal on this one, small to medium buds with a few large ones in the mix

The nose is sweet, a mix of berries and dough with earthy notes tied in

The terps upon exhale are slightly underwhelming compared to other offerings I’ve had from Major Quad Farms, with the no...
Bouaiben··21d18 reviews

Gas truffle by majorquadfarms, classics

Med to big buds creamy berry to the nose gas and creamy caramel to the taste ? strong high very good weed overall and good pricing
Bouaiben··21d18 reviews

Garry payton x runtz by Majorquadfarms, classics

Small to med buds super candy smell and a sweet candy cookie taste ? super caked and terpy fresh nugz great high another banger from mqf ✌️
Bouaiben··21d18 reviews

The soap by majorquadfarms, classics

First time trying the soap and I’m very impressed sweet soap and cookie smell and taste more like sweet cookie and gas great wake and bake as it’s sativa dominant the high in incredible, I got small to big buds super fresh and caked another great value at 120 a zip I’ll be back for more
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