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Ed Rosenthal super bud/ coast Terra bc /mar2022

E.R.S.B                              Coast terra

? E.r.s.b has a few different  shades of green from almost florescent to medium dark . The hairs are light green and orange. Very bright ! The bud was a medium  size and was also dence. 7.8/10

?I ...
Rayumi·Coast Terra BC·887d334 reviews

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud - Coastterrabc - February 2022

Scent - super loud terps of lemon grass sour citrus with some spices. Floral notes as well get hints of berries as well

Visual - pretty compact small/med buds. Tons of orange hairs busting out of the trichomes which cover most of the buds a good amount. Mutli shades green.

Rayumi·Coast Terra BC·887d334 reviews

Greasy Pink HTFSE - Coastterrabc - February 2022

Scent - sweet pine floral gassy. Smells like pink kush with a lot of gas and diesel.

Visual - small grainal diamonds with a semi thick sauce. Makes it look gorgeous. Looks like Caviar lol.

Smoke/burn - burns bright orange residue in banger and is easy to clean with just cotto...
Rayumi·Coast Terra BC·887d334 reviews

MAC BX1 HTFSE - Coastterrabc - February 2022

Scent - has a sweet & sour funky cheesy aroma.

Visual - Very saucey with nice chunky diamonds. Really gorgeous contrast with the bright yellow colour.

Smoke/burn - burns bright yellow residue in banger and is easy to clean with just cotton swabs. It's a bit heavy but it&#...
Rayumi·Coast Terra BC·887d334 reviews

Platinum Pina Colada HTFSE - Coastterrabc - February 2022

Scent - doesn't have much of a smell. A bit gassy and weedy undertones.

Visual - chunky diamonds devoid of most colours. Has a bit of a yellow tinge.

Smoke/burn - burns almost clear residue in the banger. Easy to clean with just cotton swabs. Light and smooth vapour. It tic...
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