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We are a one stop shop for all types of users, from high quality flowers to top of the line vape pen cartridges.
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Hoopstall56·DNMN·166d2 reviews


Received a few orders from there now. Everything arrived in a very well put together package and fast. Will order from here again.
rachel·DNMN·170d1 review

dnmn is great and safe

im happy to buy some weed here the service is fast and they answer your questions are fast too and the weeeeddddd always good thanks to that haha
Mr.Rocksteady·DNMN·187d1 review

Mildewed strain, lack of product and some old brown ounces and

Been ordering quite a lot from them but they”re becoming ridiculous.
Last order : 11 ounces.
mildewed weed. 2 ounces
2 ounces we’re so old and brown it turn into dust when touched.
An ounce was missing too.
Its been 3 weeks... still waiting for them to contact me via emai...
rkiller123·DNMN·258d27 reviews

Blue runtZ - DNMN - November 2021

captnphil66·DNMN·274d2 reviews

Dnmn Wow, Professional packaging, fast delivery and the best price! Oh,,, Great Products ???

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