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Pink Sugar Cookies by Enigma Extracts - HGA - April 2022

my friend made his 4/20 order of a few strains with HGA, given the excellent deals they had going, and was kind enough to offer me some Pink Sugar Cookies from his order. this was my first experience with the GSC x Sugar Cane cross, and my first time trying Enigma Extracts too. i was pleasantly surp...
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Fruit Loops + Water Jetz Exquisite Vape Cart By Enigma Extracts - CannaPanda - April 2022

Picked up 2 vape carts from Enigma Extracts Exquisite Line. The Fruit Loops and the Water Jetz. Both really good, fruity carts. I smoked them on different days to get a good feel for them. I take 3 second pulls until I feel something. Just so you know how I gage it. First impression with Enigmas ca...

Marilyn Monroe - Enigma - Makaveli LTD - March 29

Q 8.9/10

V 8/10

Visually beautiful like Monroe herself, I love the gassy flavour profile of this bud. Potenty is on medium level. More of a nighttime strain for sure. Within my top three of enigma strains behind pine tar and cookies and cream. Definitely would pick this up agai...

Worst weed I have ever smoked Bunk !

Soo just here to let the world.know how bad this Enigma Extract company is ! So I order 2 ounces thur high grade aid ! Of there product! So I got the AAAA Marilyn Monroe and the Engimq Runtz bottom as heavy smoker this stuff is all faked listed thc? No way that the Marilyn Monroe is 2...

Enigma Extracts syringes - HGA - March

After trying the sherb crasher syringe i had to get another one since it was so good. Also got the ornage push pop which is good but more subtle tasting and a bit less potent. Sherb crasher has a hashy sweet dank taste while the orange push pop has a sweet orange peel dank taste. Overall both syrin...
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