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mummymangoh·Enigma Extracts·135d16 reviews

Cold Snap #7 by Enigma Extracts - CannaPanda - July 2023

Caked but over priced and the ash was really bad. Not outright dark ash but it's in the darker colour and it's really tough to smoke without coughing. Aroma smell like herb and mint but I couldn't determine the taste. When I could smoke the effect doesn't heat that hard but they did ...

Enigma Extracts Carts - Tom Ford - December 22

the enigma oil are a bit darker then other was an OK strain not my best ...... taste ok ....high 6/10 this review give me 25 off my next order whit high grade aid

Canna Panda- Apples N bananas by Enigma Extracts

When you open these beautiful glass jars they give you , the smell is pure bliss. You are met with a gassy fruity explosion of terps. I don’t know why but I get like a pina coloda smell off of it with gas in the background . These buds are perfectly cured. Squishy and sticky on the inside but you ...

Enigma Extracts - HGA - August 2022

Pink Sugar Cookies by Enigma Extracts - HGA - April 2022

my friend made his 4/20 order of a few strains with HGA, given the excellent deals they had going, and was kind enough to offer me some Pink Sugar Cookies from his order. this was my first experience with the GSC x Sugar Cane cross, and my first time trying Enigma Extracts too. i was pleasantly surp...
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