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White Tuna | Flawless Flowers | May 11th, 2022


Q: 7/10 V: 10/10

Not sure if I’m allowed to post the price but this qp deal was/is an insane price : smoke value !

Heavy indica, burns grey ash, earthy / gassy taste and smell with a hint of lemon from the white widow. Definitely some good ...
luckyhazed·Flawless Flowers·866d129 reviews

Island Pink Kush | Flawless Flowers | October 14 - Incentivized

Nice Pink perfect to close the day after work , terps are incredible on this one and this batch is really fresh and sticky . The high is relaxing and got me locked in the couch after the day . It relax my muscle pain and work for my SPM (only girl know lol) . Big indica as I love . Terps for that on...
Rayumi·Flawless Flowers·873d334 reviews

Runtz disposable pen - FlawlessFlowers - October 2021

Scent - the vapor smells super sweet. Smells really good. Oils move a bit. I believe they added to many terps as evident to the viscosity of the oil and the taste.

Visual - good packaging. Typical disposable that most companies use.

Smoke/burn - smooth but odd after aftertaste...
Rayumi·Flawless Flowers·873d334 reviews

White Cookies Shatter - FlawlessFlowers - October 2021

Scent - a slight sweet sherbert smelling aroma. It's very pleasant

Visual - the shatter is starting to sugar up. Dark to light orange colour. Creamy sugar. I love when shatter does this.

Smoke/burn - burns amber orange. Easy clean up on banger and is smooth.

Rayumi·Flawless Flowers·873d334 reviews

Comatose - FlawlessFlowers - October 2021

Scent - has a whitefin fish smell kind of like salmon. Reminds me of the sushi for sure. A bit sweet. Very dank smelling. Deep clean fish.

Visual - Extremely deep greens almost turning blueish. Heavy frosting of trichomes on the whole bud. Dark orange hairs throughout. Overall nice trim ...
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