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Orange Kush - Freshly Rated Cannabis - End of May 2022

I didn't buy this one to get baked out of my mind. I tried to keep this one preserved in the bag since the first time I opened it I got a blast of citrus flavours I did not want to lose. I did not smoke this one until this weekend. This strain looks like it would pack a punch but for sure this o...

Cali Bubba - Freshly Rated Cannabis - June

I've been hearing a lot about this strain. Seems like this is the strain to grow. Normally i don't buy AA. Thought I'd give it a try for once and see what the big deal is all about. These buds came tight but not as frosty. I enjoyed this strain. Hit the spot when it came to mindless chil...

Space Cookies - Freshly Rated Cannabis - May 2022

They told me this bag may contain seeds but lucky I did not find any in my batch. The buds feel a tad over grown but it could be just the way this strain is. Most of the alien cookies I buy are extremely dense and this is less than that. I enjoyed the smoke

Sherbet - Freshly Rated Cannabis - May 6th

Really nice buds that are all fairly good sized. The sweet flavors from the smoke really puts me into good perspective. This puts me in the perfect headspace to really get zonked out but still enjoy the body buzz it gives. Relieves my headaches and really gets my munchies going.

Freshly Rated Cannabis Review - May 2020

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Lately shipping has been a disaster because of Canada post delays and such so I’ll just skip this one this time around as it’s not a reflection on the MoM.

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