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Next-Cell·Gaia's Garden·533d349 reviews

Orinoco (1.5:1 CBD/THC) - Gaia's Garden Medicinal - Feb 20

Orinoco (1.5:1 CBD/THC)

Bag Appeal - Medium size forest green nugs, with dark amber pistils. The nugs are semi dense/fluffy and have good trichome coverage. Trim is good with minimal leaves entact. 8.1/10

Smell- The smell is slightly fruity ...
Next-Cell·Gaia's Garden·534d349 reviews

Walter White - Gaia's Garden Medicinal - Feb 19

Walter White

Bag Appeal - Colorful cloud shapped nugs that are dense. The trim on this weed is really well done and the trichome coverage is great. 8.5/10

Smell- The smell is a great mix of earthy, citrus and sweet. This aroma explodes when g...
Next-Cell·Gaia's Garden·535d349 reviews

Bruce Banger - Gaia's Garden Medicinal - Feb 18

Bruce Banger

Bag Appeal - Beautifully trimmed, medium size, deep green nugs with long orange pistils. Semi glossy in appearance thanks to good trichome coverage. (* * I did find around a dozen seeds in this bud. For some this is bad and for others its g...
Next-Cell·Gaia's Garden·536d349 reviews

Wah Wah - Gaia's Garden Medicinal - Feb 17

Wah Wah (Maui X Walter)

Bag Appeal - Semi-dense medium and small size nugs. Vibrant shades of green with dark orange pistils, covered in above average amounts of trichomes. Trim is fairly nice with some minor leaves left entact. *Found 1 seed in each nu...
Next-Cell·Gaia's Garden·537d349 reviews

Cookies Chill (2:1 CBD/THC) - Gaia's Garden Medicinal - Feb 16

Cookies Chill (2:1 CBD/THC)

Bag Appeal - Small and medium size nugs that are fluffy and vibrant green. Good trim and nice trichome coverage gives them a good bag appeal. 8/10

Smell- The smell is a mix of sweet cookies, fruit and earthiness. ...
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