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habisfab·Get White Palm·528d3 reviews

Zkittlez Cake - GetWhitePalm - February 2021

This is probably some of the best weed I’ve ever had, super smooth smoke and nice flavour with a long lasting high. Burns super nicely as well

Large fluffy buds, covered in those yummy white hairs!

This shit had my room STANKIN, I had to get a smell proof bag just to store t...
chronicthc·Get White Palm·912d9 reviews

Gorilla glue#4 getwhitepalm Jan

To be honest the gorilla glue is the only thing I grab from them and used the 30% off coupon I received which made it not a bad deal for $187 including shipping
Mister_Rahool·Get White Palm·1295d11 reviews

Blue Coma - Get White Palm (Zero Ave.)

Good bud size and quality, really impressed here and dont feel bad paying a premium. Strong citrus, possibly pine smell, really enjoy the terps. Taste was very nice, reminded me of Pineapple Express, but also had something that was giving me hints of peppermint that I couldnt put my finger on. Effec...
yungwizzop·Get White Palm·1459d1 review

Gorilla Glue #4 August 3rd 2018

I’ll take some pics without flash when I’m off work
johnny_142·Get White Palm·1551d4 reviews

Harle-tsu #9 getwhitepalm cbd strain

I enjoyed it, will Definately relax you without getting high.
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