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LouisCyr·GrassInBox·757d10 reviews

GrassInbox - Samples review (lot of strains!)

This is another products review for GrassInbox. As I’ve already reviewed them previously I won’t go through the whole MOM review, only the products.

(Link to previous review:

Thank you again @GrassInbox for your confidence....
LouisCyr·GrassInBox·821d10 reviews

GrassInbox - Samples review (Gorilla Glue #4 / Wedding Cake)

This was another long due review. I got late (again) in my reviews since I got sick then had a lot to catch up. But you know what they say.. it’s better late than never!

So GrassInbox sent me a sample pack asking for an honest review and an honest review they will get! Those of you who fo...
SkeletoR·GrassInBox·1560d15 reviews

Grassinbox 91 Supreme

MOM Name grassinbox

Overall rating out of 10: 8/10

Sign Up: super easy, ID upload is required

Ordering & Pricing: ordering process went smooth and easy, simply process. Pricing seems fair when I compare products to other sites carrying the same brand.

Communication: ...
ChronicFYE·GrassInBox·1566d4 reviews

Purple Space Cookies - GrassInBox - April

Was really nice, little bit of a kushy aroma. It wasn’t too purple it was more trichome coated. Had a sweet aftertaste and hits very strong, almost like a little blackhole lung feeling - hashy feel. Gives a mellow head and body high! Would deff try again!
ChronicFYE·GrassInBox·1566d4 reviews

Champagne Kush - GrassInBox - April

No one’s forcing you to look at them. I usually only post on my insta but I’m sharing here sometimes to show people lol.
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