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El chapo harmonized hemp June 2022 private acmpr

El chapo Harmonized hemp *note I'm going to be hard on this strain because I know what a good batch is and I know the genetics are classic fire

Rezdog sour d x karma headbanger

Looks 7/10 Good looking good trim

Cure 8/10 Dry and sticky

Smell 6.5/10 Av...

Cold Snap Harmonized Hemp June 2022

Cold Snap Harmonized Hemp

Looks-9/10 Looks crazy colorful and Chunky

Cure-9/10 Dry sticky dank

Smell-8/10 Kushy minty earthy

Taste-8/10 Kushy minty

Smoke-8/10 Smooth dense thick

Ash burn-7/10 Salt pepper little darker than I like bu...

Truffle cake Harmonized Hemp may 2022

Truffle cake Harmonized hemp

Looks 910 Just amazing Bag appeal

Cure 9/10 Sticky dense dank

Terps 8/10 Loud gas cake teros not over stank but still heavy aroma

Taste 8/10 Cake and gas

Smoke 8.5/10 Very smooth but still dense medium burn nice r...

Garlic Cookies Harmonized Hemp May 2022

Garlic cookies (CHEMDOG X GSC) From Harmonized Hemp 135oz

Looks 8/10 Nice Chunky dense buds good frost Dry but not crumbly more crisp outer shell

Jar smell 8/10 Very cookies dominated then Garlic gas

Grind smell 8/10 Same as jar but turned up

Taste 8.5 ...

Frosted Fruit cakes Harmonized Hemp April 22

Frosted Fruit cake (WEDDING CAKE X FPOG) Bred by sacred cut Sourced Harmonized Hemp Grower private acmpr

Looks 8/10 Tight crystal dense

Jar smell 8/10 Ripe fruit/ rotten Fruit kush gas

Grind smell 9/10 All gas octane little Fruit candy

Cure 9/10. No c...
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