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Bay 11 - Haute Health - June 2020

I ended up getting upgraded for free to bay11 and its probably my favourite flower that I have had so far. The buds are huge and smells intensely like mango.

Death Star OG Shatter - Haute Health - May 2020

Pretty happy with this shatter. It is potent and tastes good. And I used a 40% coupon
xpsychedx·Haute Health·936d3 reviews

Kosher Kush - HauteHealth - Early March

Love them bro they are a great service!
xpsychedx·Haute Health·950d3 reviews

Green Dream - HauteHealth - Late Ferbruary

Value: 9.5/10 Quality: 8/10
xpsychedx·Haute Health·952d3 reviews

OG Kush - HauteHealth - Early February

Value: 10/10 Quality: 7.5/10
Nice looking buds but didnt give me the buzz i was looking for still a really nice strain though and definitely worth the price when on a budget. Currently have the Green Dream on the way
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