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Brandon·Herbazon·82d1 review


Very nice i will always command on this site
Papathiccc710·Herbazon·449d1 review

Herbazon Diamonds

I recently purchased 5 grams of the mid grade and 5 grams of the high grade diamonds from herbazon and they are both fantastic. They didn’t come labeled as high or mid grade but I don’t mind as they both are very good and worth the cost.
ThatHighCanada·Herbazon·463d1 review

Premium Rolex hash!

Nice body buzz, for under 5$ a gram you won’t find better hash, that I am aware of? (Dm if you now where LoL) 100-30$ is pretty cheap an ounce, so it’s black on the out side and gold on the inside :)

Very Stoney we used it before bed, a few nights in a row and slept lovely! Would buy a...
Duderiffica·Herbazon·503d1 review

Budget Budder - Herbazon - March 2021

Picked up an ounce of their Budget Budder. It came well packaged, taped up like a beast, vacuum sealed, top notch. Opened it up and saw that I received a couple freebies; some premium shatter and some weed. The shatter was pretty good, still haven’t tried the weed, though, I usually stick to conce...
TwistedBeyond·Herbazon·514d1 review

White Dragon Budder OZ - Herbazon - March 12

MOM: Herbazon

Overall Rating: 10/10
KaPow! That’s what my nose felt upon opening the jar. It’s a great smoke. It helped immensely in getting me to wind down after work last night. I can’t wait to really dig in over the weekend. I’ll be back for more !

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