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38thirtyeight38·Hierba·698d360 reviews

Gruntz Cultivated by and Sourced from Hierba/Misshazey August 2022


• Lineage: Gushers x Runtz

• Bred by Unknown

• Cultivated by @misshazey x @hierbacanada

• Sourced from @misshazey

• ? • Visuals - Medium sized nicely trimmed buds are immaculately cured to a dense texture that is greasy fe...
38thirtyeight38·Hierba·698d360 reviews

Fantasy Melon Cultivated by and Sourced from Misshazey/Hierba August 2022

Fantasy Melon

• Lineage: Watermelon Zkittles x Strawberries and Cream

• Bred by Exotic Genetix (I think)

• Cultivated by @misshazey x @hierbacanada

• Sourced from @misshazey

• ? • Visuals - smaller sized buds that are nicely trimm...
miseryum·Hierba·745d17 reviews

Guava Oreoz by Hierba in collab with Dubz Garden - CannaPanda - July 2022

Value is 8/10 Quality is 6/10

My husband's opinion: Value is 9/10 Quality is 8/10

I suggest picking up this strain at the discounted price
K0M4T045T·Hierba·775d3 reviews

ZooKeeper by Hierba Canada from Quadskrrr

This stuff is delicious. smell of tropical flowery sweetness with almost a nutty tone. fairly decent bag appeal as its just caked in trichomes (def worth zooming in!!), and has a nice trim job with only the odd leaf left behind. smoke is sweet almost fruity. burns clean and smooth. nice productive h...
Stonerscotian1·Hierba·782d93 reviews

Zookeeper (Hierba) - Quadskrrr - May 2022

Zookeeper has a decent manicure and an excellent cure job. Had dense, yellow and olive green buds. Busts up right easily with scrissors and is a perfect consistency for rolling. Smells of pungnent citrusy kush.

Tasted a crisp refreshing bit of orange citrus with a kushy flavour happening,...
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