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High Voltage Extracts offers Sauce/Full Spectrum Extract and Live Resin at wholesale prices. All product is produced and ships from Vancouver Island. Quality, low waste packaging and discreet, prompt shipping.
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Rayumi·High Voltage Extracts·19d306 reviews

HTFSE Distillate Carts - Highvoltageextracts - July 2022

Sour Tangie

Scent - the vapour itself had a smell similar to the clementine sauce Cart I had recently. A sour citrus smell.

Visual - the new packaging and carts honestly is a big improvement not just because of the looks but these ceramic carts taste soo much better. Had a nic...
Rayumi·High Voltage Extracts·24d306 reviews

Don Carlos Sauce - Highvoltageextracts - July 2022

Scent - has a bit of a sweet floral weedy with a man body wash. Has a bit of citrus to it. Smells very earthy and dank. Super terpy.

Visual - gorgeous colours with a deep orange almost yellow hue to it. The texture to it is surprisingly really thick and sugary. Exactly like honey when it...
Rayumi·High Voltage Extracts·24d306 reviews

MAC Stomper Sauce - Highvoltageextracts - July 2022

Scent - has a very sour cured fruit smell. The smell is sooo intense. I'm not doing it justice. If you like very dank smells this is it. It lingers in your nose. Has a bit of a pledge cleaner smell to it.

Visual - looks amazing as all high voltage sauces do. A gorgeous yellowish oran...
Rayumi·High Voltage Extracts·24d306 reviews

Moonrock Snowcone - Highvoltageextracts - July 2022

Scent - has a grape and diesel with a sweet floral smell to it. It says indica on the side so I only have to go off by.

Visual - really nice packaging. Glass tube with a cork top makes it look unique. Completely from the top to the tip it's covered in terp sauce and quad kief. You c...
Rayumi·High Voltage Extracts·25d306 reviews

THC Bomb Sauce - Highvoltageextracts - July 2022

Scent - smells like orange pop. A nice light orange citrus with a bit of diesel undertones. Super terpy.

Visual - this Sauce looks deadly.a nice thinlayer of sauce but underneath you can see tons of tiny diamonds. Texture is a rocky sugary wet overall thick texture.

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