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Good prices across the board always a $99/oz
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/u/hybridfast,, 1 833 492 7433


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CanadianRapGod·Hybrid Fast·1361d4 reviews

HybridFast Review

Overall rating out of 10: 8.5

Sign Up: 10/10

Easy, pretty average sign up. Good website layout, like that you can see your current orders. Have to send ID to confirm 19+

Ordering & Pricing: 8/10

I have only tried one of their flower s...

HybridFast Review

MOM Name: HybridFast (

Overall rating out of 10: 10/10

Sign Up: Easy, you just have to confirm with them that you are 18/19+. Make an account with email, and you’re set to order.

Ordering & Pricing: Add products to cart. After you check out, you wi...

Hybrid fast split lb 2of2

Mom Name :hybridfast
Strain:Bruce banner #4
Method Smoked : joint, bong

Super tight vids 10/10 trim job no complaints what so ever!

SMELL super hashy, almost reminds me of A death bubba I had. A while back sort of black licorice in a way.

Hybrid fast split lb order 1of2

Mom Name :hybridfast
Strain:sweet cheese
Method Smoked : joint, bong

Tight bud, some small leaf over all great trim

SMELL surprisingly tropical fruity scent
Almost like a funky rotten papaya? Unreal smell!
Smell it across the roo...
Gawdless73·Hybrid Fast·1606d18 reviews

Godberry-Hybridfast-$220 OZ-March

Took with a shitty LG G5, camera phone, other than adjusting the sharpness there’s no other filtering used. Taken in natural sunlight.
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