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Blockboxx·JJMeds·41d22 reviews

Sour Dream - JJmeds - Jan 2024

Despite the name I found it to be more sweet and peppery more than sour. I didn't like the high that much it usually left me dizzy and for once I got paranoia. Aside from having my stomach growling afterward I didn't have much burn out. This is one of the sativa that is too upbeat for me to ...
ActualAlternative·JJMeds·196d15 reviews

Super Kush - JJMeds - August

Quite fresh and the buds retain it original colour really well with those olive green and bright red hair. It surprises me with a hint of mint to it that are masked with a strong floral aroma. The high almost similar to the Pink ultra but has a more head centered effects making it feels balanced....
ActualAlternative·JJMeds·196d15 reviews

Pink Ultra - JJMeds - August

It can look a bit old but it's a very skunky potent indica. Dry but can be fixed with boveda bag in a jar to bring back the flavor. It doesn't help with the harsh smoke though but it certainly have a kick to it. The high make me feel sleepy after half an hour or so.
Blockboxx·JJMeds·225d22 reviews

Master Kush - JJmeds - July 2023

It's quite a potent indica for me and the smell is just so gassy even with a half oz ?. Buds look in just the right size and pretty much caked. Dominant indica hybrid but it feels really like pure indica for me. It's just an instance couchlock for me and it really didn't take long for me...
Blockboxx·JJMeds·225d22 reviews

Blueberry - JJmeds - July 2023

Blueberry tasting weed. I bought half oz so far and they are delicious to smoke ?. I got some small buds here and there but the most of them are large. This strain bring in all the good vibe and really put me in the zone. It also works wonder as a pain reliever.

The overall taste for t...
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