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LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·83d14 reviews

Train Wreck - Kronic Kush - September 2022

** Trainwreck BUDGET Review **

The lower quality bud I purchased for this order. I wanted to buy something really nice, and this tie me over as a bed time strain. I just wanted something to knock me out. I didn't need for it to be super high quality.

Mostly small size b...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·83d14 reviews

Slurricane AAAA+ - Kronic Kush - September 2022

** Slurricane AAAA+ Review **

The most expensive flower they had and I've ever bought in my life. I saved from my other ounce to purchase one big mega ounce.

Medium-large size buds throughout the bad. Most of them were dense af and covered in trichomes. These are nugs ...
Cosmofelt·KronicKush·147d4 reviews

Escobar AAA+ - Kronic Kush - June 2022

Really fitting name for the strain. It was covered in distictly white crystals that looked unbelievably like weed. It wasn't as caked as some of the others I've seen on this sub but it is up there from my own personal stash. It was a very heavy hearthy smoke but cut with a mint mango like f...
Cosmofelt·KronicKush·147d4 reviews

Banana Haze - Kronic Kush - June 2022

hipertim·KronicKush·185d15 reviews

Mandalorian - Kronic Kush - May 2022

Earthy with a hint of berry. Peppery finish notes. After ripping a good bong toke of this one I feel the tingles in my head and coursing through out my body. This one is a creeper. The cherry notes really hit the spot. On these fresh spring days, I am enjoying a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of be...
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