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Hannawasfound·MMJExpress·28d3 reviews

Rocket Fuel - MMJ Express - End of June

Had so much weed to go through for Canada Day. Not on the top of my list since this one was a cheaper weed. I wanted to stock up to make sure I had enough for a day where I was getting low on weed and don't want to smoke stems or shake. Hoping for some good quality nugs for the long weekend ...
berzenkeiok·MMJExpress·72d2 reviews

MMJExpress Dutch Treat May 2022

Pretty enjoyable, was referred to these guys by a friend. Buds were nice and covered in crystals, a nice stickiness to them too. Nice sweet, fruity smoke. A bit peppery on the ash. Nice hybrid high that isn't overpowering. Decent price too.

Overall 9/10
Away_Joke6793·MMJExpress·77d2 reviews

Gas Crack

jonkomanbro·MMJExpress·91d1 review

Mango Haze - MMJ Express - May 2022

Super fresh smelling buds. Sativas like these really get me in the mood for my mind to get racing. This is helps my creativity when I am trying to come up with ideas or HIGHdeas if you will.

Really nice smoke and has a good tropical taste that lingers. Ash burns nice and these hold up ...
Zaph·MMJExpress·101d1 review


I placed an order, they took my money and never shipped my products. They are cheats don’t be taken advantage of use one of the other businesses
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