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Cheapest price in Canada on elevated full spectrum extract, guaranteed. Best whole sale price on kind around at the moment. Ships out of Fredericton, NB. Can meet medcard holders in person
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Contact, @maritime.dispensary3 on Instagram


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Tahoe OG, Pineapple Chunk FSE - Maritime Dispensary - $50/q, $100/2g - December

The pineapple chunk FSE is from Kind Selections and smells absolutely delicious. Very sweet smell that reminds me of the Red Congo bud from the Chrono. A little goes a very long way and I’ve found myself taking like 3 tasty hits off a dab!

The weed looks about how I expected, decent for ...
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·1718d120 reviews

Purple White Lightning PHO Blend - Maritime Dispensary - $730/oz with coupon - Nov '17

Very impressed with Maritime Dispensary (the MOM) and East Coast Collective (extractor).

The clarity when held up to a light is amazing ... reminds me of some light honey. Flavor profile is citrusy and smokes smooth
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·1718d120 reviews

King Tut PHO Blend - Maritime Dispensary - $45/gram - Nov '17

Tastes amazing and potent af. Good stuff.
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·1740d120 reviews

Kind Selections HCE/HTE - Maritime Dispensary - $60/gram - Nov '17

This stuff is seriously the best concentrate I have ever had. Everything about the flavour, smoothness of the smoke, potency and effect of the product were top notch. I can’t wait to order more. Holy fuck.

I was expecting myself to prefer the PHO due to the price difference but I ended up...
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·1750d120 reviews

Quantum Cookies from Maritime Dispensary - $200/oz - Nov 2017

Shoutout to

Nice clear-headed high. This strain is a cross between Quantum Kush & Girl Scout Cookies. I love GSC so I thought I’d give it a shot! Very impressed!! The high was upbeat, energetic and happy. I didn’t even feel lazy or h...


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