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MaryJaneExpress Review - October 2019




Came in the standard three days from Vancouver to Toronto and packaged in a CP bubble mailer. Everything was vacuum sealed with no apparent odour and only one of the strains came slightly squished, most likely in tra...

Skookum Charlie - MaryJaneExpress - October 2019

For so long I’ve been wanting to try Skookum Charlie and this batch from MJE did not disappoint. A dangeris sounding cross between LSD OG and Green Crack. These sticky buds look spectacular, having crazy amounts of full trichome heads to go along with tons of purple streaks and orange hairs. Slig...

Black Domina - MaryJaneExpress - October 2019

Haven’t had a chance to try this strain before but for the most part it seems like a concoction of northern lights as it contains at least 4 phenos in it’s genetics. They are all involved through it’s lineage as it includes afghani, hashplant, northern lights and Canadian Ortega. This bud came...

Double Barrel OG - MaryJaneExpress - October 2019

Never heard of this strain, which is a cross of White Fire OG x Raskals OG Kush, but it’s named fittingly as it definitely hits like a double barrel shotgun. The nugs are real sticky & dense with plenty of greasy trichs and darker orange hairs. Bit of leaf here and there but nothing too substa...

Love Potion - MaryJaneExpress - October 2019

This love potion had more of a plump appearance and on the denser side rather than the typical sativa long and conical structure. Also came just bit compressed making it look tighter than it probably should. Forest green in colour with a ton of winding orange hairs. Not dry or sticky but after crack...


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