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thechronickid_00·Netweedz·1291d1236 reviews

Violator Kush - NetWeedz - January 25

Yeah it’s defintely a nice violator and I’ve been trying a few lately but unfortunately didn’t try cwf’s. Was going to leave a review tonight but I’m super sleepy haha.
thechronickid_00·Netweedz·1291d1236 reviews

Great White Shark - NetWeedz - January 25

Dense pine cone shaped buds with a nice trim. The smell is a subtle sweet/fruity and earthy one. One of those that come out more upon breaking it up. The taste is spicy/woody and earthy and the smoke is smooth and burns a clean light grey ash. Smoked a medium .7 joint and felt a quick body high just...
thechronickid_00·Netweedz·1291d1236 reviews

Lindsay OG - NetWeedz - January 25

I got 4 strains all around the same price range. Only tried 2 but they all look great. So far I’m impressed with both this and and the maui wowie. Also got great white shark and violator (real excited for that one)
thechronickid_00·Netweedz·1291d1236 reviews

Maui Wowie - NetWeedz - January 25

Smells amazingly sweet and tropical. Excited to try some as soon as I get home.
rightfielder·Netweedz·1458d2 reviews

Netweedz Sample Bud Photos & Review

MOM Name Netweedz

Overall rating out of 10: 10

Sign Up: n/a

Ordering & Pricing: pricing is is okay, they normally have a sale on the go it seems.

Communication: very good, the head dude is active within the Official MoM Discord, nice guy.

Packaging: Great, wa...
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