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Great flowers from all ranges high to low, we profit less to make sure they get the best at the cheapest. Retail for high quality naturally goes for $250-$300 when we can sell for $180-$220. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
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bos420·Pacific Cannabis·4d549 reviews

LA Kush Cake * Pacific Cannabis * September

Strain - LA Kush Cake (Gorilla Glue #4 x LA Kush)

Visual/Texture - initially bricked together coming as a compilation of several smaller to medium sized buds. Tightly wound together by a compact density, snapped open exposing the trich coated interior. Being shaded by array of hues from b...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·10d549 reviews

Galactic Cake * Pacific Cannabis * September

Strain - Galactic Cake (Girl Scout Cookies x Snow Lotus)

Visual/Texture - majority smaller sized along with a couple medium buds having a rounded grape shaped resemblance. Quite dense forms with minimal movement, lightly crisped exteriors, snapped and grinded at ease. A combination of lig...

Huckleberry Soda (AAAA+) - Pacific Cannabis - September 2022

This bud left much to be desired compared to the one I previously got. This in look like it has been left on the shelves for a while. When I squished against it between my fingers, I can feel there aren't that much stickiness to hold them together. I still got a smooth smoke out of it with a co...

Orange Glue Popcorn nugs (AAAA+) - Pacific Cannabis - September 2022

Not bad to just have on hand when I want to stretch some of the other weed I have. Citrus glue smells but not overpwering. Still has a good amount of THC even though they are considered smalls. This is my first time buying smalls. Gave my throat a bit of an itchy feeling after smoking but not too ha...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·13d549 reviews

Bubba Kush * Pacific Cannabis * September

Strain - Bubba Kush

Vistual/Texture - built up of a mix of both rounded medium and smaller bud sizes. A crisp shelled exterior with a compact density, having some excess sugar leaf presence, and bound together by its stickiness. Darker olive coloring gradually fading towards a medium emer...
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