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Great flowers from all ranges high to low, we profit less to make sure they get the best at the cheapest. Retail for high quality naturally goes for $250-$300 when we can sell for $180-$220. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
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Pacific_cannabis IG: @_pacificcannabis Email: support@pacificcannabis.ca Website: Www.PacificCannabis.ca


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bburrr·Pacific Cannabis·1294d138 reviews

Pink Kush X Rockstar - Pacific Cannabis - Mar '19

I’m not trying to defend bad practice, but this is a fairly common policy when a package is lost in CP tracking systems.

Sometimes packs get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.. I’ve seen it happen many times. Best motive imo is to stay in good faith with the MOM, and wait until C...
bburrr·Pacific Cannabis·1295d138 reviews

Rockstar - Pacific Cannabis - Mar '19

Note: this is a sample!

Very heavy hitting, big flavor and a sleepy stone from it. The smell wasn’t too large, due to it being a sample but the bud is super sticky and busts in clumps due to that.

Upon arrival it was not overly dry, like it had only recently left humidity and was...

Pacific cannabis bulk order review

Sign Up:

Very simple, no ID verification

Ordering & Pricing:

Awesome bulk prices, all the reviews say best bang for buck so I had to try. Ordering is easy new site is way better to navigate.


Communication is always straight forward, no run ar...
AimOrDie·Pacific Cannabis·1320d40 reviews

AimOrDie's Pacific Cannabis Review

Hello and welcome to another review from AimOrDie!

Today we have Purple Kush (bulk) Purple Urkle, Sour Tangie, Lemon Thai Kush and Death Bubba from Pacific Cannabis.

Sign Up:

Standard process, no ID required to sign up.

Ordering & Pricing:

Both the bulk pric...
crossjoint·Pacific Cannabis·1348d4 reviews

Pacific Cannabis Review

Pacific Cannabis

Overall Rating 8.5/10

Sign up : Sign up is simple and easy like most sites, no ID verification. Points rack up quick. Lots of promo codes sent through email so newsletter is a good option too.

Ordering/Pricing : Ordering is easy, site is easy to navigate whic...
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