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Great flowers from all ranges high to low, we profit less to make sure they get the best at the cheapest. Retail for high quality naturally goes for $250-$300 when we can sell for $180-$220. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
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Ice Cream Cake - Pacific Cannabis - May 2022

This bud is CAKED with crystals. The only thing I notice about this bud is that it looks like it has been trimmed with a machine leaving a lot of the leaves still on the bud. If I pick them out this bud gives such a lovely smooth smoke. Nice dense buds and when you break the nugs open its just a sno...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·138d549 reviews

Alien Breath * Pacific Cannabis * May

Strain - Alien Breath (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush)

Vistual/Texture - this popcorn zip is made of pepper shaped, smaller sized buds. Tightly compact structures, having a rock hard density with crisp exteriors, and fluffing right up once ground. A light minty green, with medium emerald colored u...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·144d549 reviews

Kurple Fantasy * Pacific Cannabis * May

Strain - Kurple Fantasy (Purple Urkle x OG Kush)

Visual/Texture - spade shaped buds mostly mediums with some smaller sized making up the zip. Hardened nugs with crisp shelled exteriors, little to no squeeze, and cracked apart to reveal a caked interior. Vibrant coloring highlight these mi...
LukeWoodz·Pacific Cannabis·187d102 reviews

Stripper Spit - Pacific Cannabis - April 2022

Stripper Spit (Girl Scout Cookies x Grand Daddy Purple)

Source - Pacific Cannabis

First time trying this strain, really awesome looking buds had a strong gelato like nose. Smoke had alright taste but the burn is kinda wack, struggles a bit to stay lit and terps are not strong ...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·187d549 reviews

Master Kush Ultra * Pacific Cannabis * March

Strain - Master Kush Ultra (OG Kush x G13)

Vistual/Texture - formations of spade shaped buds with a variety divided between smaller and medium sizes. Tightly compacts with a crispy exterior,  no give at all when pressed, and a sticky interior once exposing. Moss green shading over the m...
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