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Great flowers from all ranges high to low, we profit less to make sure they get the best at the cheapest. Retail for high quality naturally goes for $250-$300 when we can sell for $180-$220. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
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Super Kush - @pacificcannabis - March 2022

San Fernando valley OG - @pacificcannabis - March 2020

Nice classic OG kush aroma and a relaxing yet functional high. This strain dosent have crazy bag appeal but it smokes really good. Burned clean and smooth with a nice oil ring. Definitely worth a try for Lovers of OG kush varieties.
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·193d549 reviews

San Fernando Valley OG * Pacific Cannabis * March

Strain - San Fernando Valley OG

Visual/Texture - a complete mix of buds varying in size between smaller to large, mainly rounded formations. Decent held density, great spring break when squeezed, fresh feeling exteriors. Once ripping the nugs apart only to reveal an even fresher grease l...

Darth Vader OG - @pacificcannabis - March 2022

Nice Gassy strain with a potent high. Smoked this mid day and it had me slumped for the rest of the day lol, definitely some strong weed. Smell is very gassy and pungent true to what I could expect from a Darth Vader OG. Nugs we’re very fresh and sticky, overall 8/10 only because it was kinda too ...

Kush Mints x Gelato 33 Source - @pacificcannabis

Nice exotic smell, definitely leaning on the gelato side ?. Fresh medium to large sized nugs with good density and perfect trim job. Smoke was smooth and burned clean white ash. Exhale was sweet and terpy. Effects are mellow and long lasting. Overall 8/10
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