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Great flowers from all ranges high to low, we profit less to make sure they get the best at the cheapest. Retail for high quality naturally goes for $250-$300 when we can sell for $180-$220. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
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Pacific_cannabis IG: @_pacificcannabis Email: support@pacificcannabis.ca Website: Www.PacificCannabis.ca


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bos420·Pacific Cannabis·199d549 reviews

Death Bubba * Pacific Cannabis * March

Strain - Death Bubba Shatter

Texture/Visual - a translucent tinged golden yellow, with varying sizes folded up in parchment paper, packaged inside a mini black coin envelope. Fairly thin with a hardened shelled texture, which can easily be cleanly snapped off, with cracks being visibly re...
LukeWoodz·Pacific Cannabis·203d102 reviews

SFV OG - Pacific Cannabis - March 2022

San Fernando Valley OG (OG Kush)

Source - Pacific Cannabis

Didn't expect much with this flower , Pretty decent dense sticky buds no super special appeal , nose is very sweet and gassy with a rubber hint really addicting profile tbh. Like the cure on this flower a lot, stick...
LukeWoodz·Pacific Cannabis·206d102 reviews

Banana Hammock - Pacific Cannabis - March 2022

Banana Hammock (Grape God x Mandarin Sunset)

Source - Pacific Cannabis

This is a nice gassy strain, not really fruity at all, mostly earthy sweet gas with maybe light hints of banana hard to tell. Very sticky nugs, Pretty greasy smoke that oil rings fast, salt n pepper ash, smo...

Critical kush, pacific cannabis. Purchased early February 2022

Best value I've ever had on a purchase, with the 20% off first order code I got a HP of critical kush (originally costs $150). Then added 2 grams of concentrates and a gram of quads to the cart, with it bringing it up to the free shipping amount with the code it still only cost me $150 shipped. ...
LukeWoodz·Pacific Cannabis·236d102 reviews

Lemon Haze - Pacific Cannabis - February 2022

Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze)

Source - Pacific Cannabis

This is some quality old school genetics , haven't had a smoke like this in a bit! beautiful flowers, nice density and the nose is awesome nice notes of lemon and some dank haze hints, While smoking I d...
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