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At Peak 420 we are dedicated to providing access to BC's finest craft producers. We lab test all our flower, and include the results in the description of the product because we value transparency as much as providing quality cannabis.
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RaNdMViLnCE·Peak420·2208d120 reviews

BK's NYC Diesel - Peak420 - June/18

This one has a decent enough ’gas’ smell, nice aroma when cutting some up, the buzz was also pretty decent, though I must say, I found it really harsh on the lungs. It seemed fresh enough, wasn’t all dried out or anything. The ash was grayish, But it just grabbed my throats in a way I didn’...
RaNdMViLnCE·Peak420·2239d120 reviews

BK's El Muerte - Peak420 - June 1st/18

Smells delicious, plan on giving it a go tonight. So can’t comment on high or flavor yet, but it has an excellent nose on it, the buds are nice and soft and it has a pretty good caking of crystal. I don’t remember the last time I tried this strain, so I’m looking forward to something differen...
RaNdMViLnCE·Peak420·2240d120 reviews

BK's Chocolate Oranges - Peak420 - June 1/18

Well, this was a strange suprise, I figured it would have a mild taste or smell, but no, this is some stanky orange smelling bud, kinda smells like a ’terry’s orange’.
I just had 1 bowl of it so far, pretty strong buzz wise. Mellow Indica leaning effects. Kinda sedating.

When smok...


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