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Danyn·Phatnug·1598d71 reviews

Rosin Hash - Phatnug - March

Smells very strongly of earth and dirt. Not very hard which is nice as it made it easy to work with. I had has in the past that would crumble. This stuff is much more malleable so it’s easy to roll snakes. I found it to have a spicy peppery taste.

It makes for a nice addition to any green...
Danyn·Phatnug·1598d71 reviews

White Cookies - Phatnug - March

An interesting sweet and musty smell. Definitely a little on the older side as you can tell from the colors and oxidization. Nugs don’t look bad however. They have a good coating of trichomes throughout.

The taste of the strain was on the muted sweet side. You could tell that it was there...
Danyn·Phatnug·1598d71 reviews

Gorilla Glue - Phatnug - March

The nugs have a mild spicy, musty smell to them. It also has a weird sweetness to it. Nugs look a little on the older side.

Similar to their White Cookies, the smoke was smooth with a good burn. Also found the strain to taste very muted with some pepper.

I found this to be on the w...
thechronickid_00·Phatnug·1952d1233 reviews

Red Congolese - PhatNug - March 13

Not the prettiest but the closest to red congo genetics I’ve probably seen and smoked. Review later
thechronickid_00·Phatnug·1953d1233 reviews

ATF - PhatNug - March 13

Oh sorry about that. It’s Alaskan Thunder Fuck! It’s a pretty potent sativa dominant strain with a unique profile. Smells like a dank gassy kush with lemon, pine, earthy and skunky understones. I personally love it and prefer it over typical haze sativas.
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