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grimeandglory·Piffery·539d1 review

Island Pink • 6ixery Piffery • Feb 2021

REVIEW As gassy as you could imagine! Lol however what I loved about this grab was the white ash, flavour and potency combo, been rough trying to find something that’s really does the job for me, I’m sure many are finding the same issue these days, I tend to be happy with 6ixery Piffery even tho...
reeefermadass·Piffery·1174d20 reviews

Frosted Edelweiss - Piffery - May 2019

Ordered an ounce of this after the mendo. Heard it was a really nice batch of buds, and definitely wasnt disappointed. Great bag appeal, very frosted buds that are well trimmed. Not as caked as their mendo breath but thats a level thats definitely hard to reach, the mendo is obscene. Smells fantasti...
reeefermadass·Piffery·1174d20 reviews

Wedding Cake - Piffery - May 2019

Put in another order with Piffery after the mendo was so good, they threw this in too as a prerelease. Really loving this bud. Not the greatest bag appeal, but the smell, taste and effects are all great. Very earthy aroma, reminds me of a powerful master kush. The cakey flavour really comes out on t...
badoogers·Piffery·1185d6 reviews

Mendo Breath, Piffery, May 2019

This came with my ounce of frosted edelweiss as a sample of I had posted pictures of what I recieved.

One of the more unique flavor profiles in a vape, very berry/fruity. Buds are all covered, but not as dense as the edelweiss which are like rocks
Zirqq·Piffery·1187d89 reviews

Mendo breath - Piffery - May 2019

Really nice but I like the frosted edelweiss a bit more
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