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Layer cake PnC oct 2020

See, I can’t even string a fucking sentence together, just smoked one?

Man you’re so lucky I was expecting some vanilla gas terps and some frosty buds, instead I got bud that smells like wet hay and has a terrible and airy structure, the high is the saving grace but tbh the gelatti I ha...

Layer Cake - PnC - October 12 2020

Grower: NoTill

Source: PnC

The smell on this one is hard to describe I kept on smelling it to try and figure it out. I would say it’s a mix of citrus and vanilla but also with a heavy smell of gas.9/10

Instantly dried my mouth out after a couple bon...

Unicorn Poop 31 // PnC // September 2020

fucked up potent. feel like I would actually die if I tried to gravity bong this. high is smiley/clear-headed as fuck but also makes me wanna stare at a wall like o_______o. smells like cookies mixed with piss, which sounds awful but is kinda exactly what you’d want in this case. looks dreamy.

L.A Kush Cake- PnC- Late May

Who said that was my purpose of posting?

Ice Cream Cake PnC may 2020

yeah it’s NJF there are no seeds lol
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