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Red Congo AAAA+ By Prohibition Farm Sourced By Quadskrrr

WOW! I'm getting super strong orange citrus smells as soon as I opened the bag. other smells are spicy pine and earthy aromas. Nice and light green colored buds with tons of lighter to dark brown hairs. Also super frosty under all the hairs . When first lit the spicy earthiness is strong. The a...

Pavé - Prohibition Farms - Jercanna 2022


Cultivated by: Prohibition Farms

Source: Jercanna

Genetics: Paris OG x The Menthol

Man oh man is this a special one from PF. Every single little pieces of heaven are beautifully caked with mostly crystal clear trichom heads and is probably some of th...

Red Congo from Prohibition Farms July 2022

Red Congo

• Lineage: Sativa Landrace

• Bred by Unknown

• Cultivated by @prohibition_cultivations

• Sourced from @prohibition_farms

• ? • Visuals - medium sized nicely trimmed and surprisingly dense buds are slightly squishy, very ...

LA kush cake smalls Prohibition Farms early July

LA kush cake smalls Prohibition Farms July

on sale as AAAA smalls …. $55 oz still NOT a good deal. Second time ordering and last.
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