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worreyevan·Puffland·324d20 reviews

Russian Blue Smalls AAAA - Puffland - August 2023

Small, dense and has a beautiful base color. It's very pungent and when I grind them up it has a bit of cheesy smell to it too. The taste has the same profile however it's less cheesy. It makes me very couch locked I wasn't able to move much after an hour. It's surprisingly refreshin...
worreyevan·Puffland·325d20 reviews

Powdered Donuts AAA - Puffland - August 2023

It looks big however the nugs are fluffy and not really dense. They could cure it a bit better since it's quite harsh on the throat. It's indica dominant however I can clearly feel it in my head and it does help with focusing too instead of the relaxing effects that are usually associated wi...
worreyevan·Puffland·751d20 reviews

Space Crush - Puffland - June 2022

Really nice high thc. This one is good for the day time stuff. Doesn't knock me out but puts me to space. Definitely is a cerebral high and the effects make me feel light on my feet. It's got a nice deep flavour. Grape fruit like, with a hint of sweet herby flair.
legsofeggs·Puffland·805d5 reviews

Orange Cookies Rockstar, Puffland, May

Gave me really big frosty NUGS!!! I'm in love with this batch because all the buds were really big and nice.
To simply put: The smell is amazing, the high is very nice, ash is clean and made me relaxed & happy. When I put into my grinder a little really goes a long wayy.
valeyoda·Puffland·836d6 reviews

Purple Barney Rockstar - Puffland - April

Ordered a week ago and it finally arrived. Decent-sized nugs for the small bag that I got. It’s still good despite being a bit dry that probably due to the long delivery time. You can find purple underneath and this stuff burn really well too.
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