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StonerSteve64·Pure Releaf·1787d474 reviews

Grape God - Pure Releaf - $220/oz - November 2017 + 25% with REDDIT25

This one has a grape/earthy taste with sweet undertones. Strong euphoric high that slowly turns to a relaxing body buzz. This is a great hybrid you can enjoy anytime of the day!

The buds are a little dry but nothing a boveda cant fix. Also burns clean white/grey ash. The flavour and the ef...
StonerSteve64·Pure Releaf·1787d474 reviews

LA Confidential - Pure Releaf - $220/oz - November 2017

Another solid bud from !

It has a pine taste with skunky/sweet undertones. The effects come fast as your hit with a blast of euphoria which quickly turns to full out relaxation. Tingly body high with a strong crash; would recommend this for night time use as a sleep aid or if your looking t...
StonerSteve64·Pure Releaf·1788d474 reviews

Romulan - Pure Releaf - $220/oz - November 2017

Hey /u/AngelxDust this Romulan is really nice for the price deff top shelf quality!

The nugs have a decent amount of trichomes and is really dense with strong pine/earthy taste with powerful effects; burns clean white ash. Perfect for relaxing it starts off as a heavy body buzz which turn...
captcrunch·Pure Releaf·1794d120 reviews

LA Confidential from PureReleaf - $220/oz - Nov 2017

This one I haven’t tried yet, but it’s suuuuper kiefy. Will report back later.
captcrunch·Pure Releaf·1794d120 reviews

Romulan from PureReleaf - $220/oz - Nov 2017

My favourite of the 4 strains I received from PureReleaf. Firstly, the trim job is amazing and the nugs are very aesthetically pleasing. They are crispy to the touch and reasonably kiefy. Packed a strong indica buzz for me.

If somebody could correct the white/yellow levels on this pic, that...
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