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captcrunch·Pure Releaf·1794d120 reviews

Tom Ford Pink Kush from PureReleaf - 70$/7g - Nov 2017

Very nice dense nugs. Advertised as a indica-dominant hybrid (and it looks like one too with the dark green leaves) but I got a sativa buzz off it. Nice relaxing cerebral high.
Gawdless73·Pure Releaf·1798d18 reviews

Blue God's Cough/Pure Releaf/$220Oz/Nov 2nd

This strain was new to me, even when I searched for it there is no info available really. It could have been trimmed a tiny bit better but was not bad trim overall. Buds were very nice, you get some of the blueberey when opening theb bag, hash a hash undertone from its parental strains. Felt this al...
Gawdless73·Pure Releaf·1798d18 reviews

Romulan/Pure Releaf/$210Oz/Nov 2nd

Very fragrant, super dense buds, a little frosty on the outside very frosty on the inside. Piney earthy flavours when smoked. Nice bedtime strain for me.

L.A Confidential from purereleaf.store- $10/g- Oct 2017

I really liked it, suuuuper frosty nugs too!
RaNdMViLnCE·Pure Releaf·1807d120 reviews

Grape God - Purereleaf.store - $280/oz - Oct 18/17

2 G’s pictured.

This is the most expensive bud I got from this order, it has that super grape smell right through the bag!
It also has a very grape taste. It’s dense but still soft to touch, lots of crystal on this one, but not very hairy.(just an observation, not really relavent) I...
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