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RaNdMViLnCE·Pure Releaf·1807d120 reviews

Blue God Cough - Purereleaf.store - $250/oz - Oct 18/17

Picked up an eighth of the beautiful bud, covered in just the right amount of crystals. It also has a nice blueberry kind of smell, not super strong but it’s there. It also has the flavors of a strawberry cough, including the lung bite that strain is known for.

I find this has a pretty ...
RaNdMViLnCE·Pure Releaf·1809d120 reviews

Romulan - Purereleaf.store - 220/oz oct 18/17

Got an eighth of this wonderful bud, I want to order a larger quantity though as i find it to have excellent back pain relief.

It has a fruity almost grape smell, very Pungent in the bag, buds are very tight, arrived at the perfect humidity, no bovada needed as I will be using it pretty qu...
RaNdMViLnCE·Pure Releaf·1811d120 reviews

Tom Ford Pink Kush - Purereleaf.store - 250/oz - oct 18/17

Pictured is an 1/8th, it’s got a very earthy taste with a nice undertone of something pungent, good crystallization all over it. there is also a hint of purple through.

This is my 1st time trying Tom Ford, and I’m impressed, it has a really great ’first contact high’ within a few m...
RaNdMViLnCE·Pure Releaf·1813d120 reviews

LA Confidential - PureReleaf - $220/oz - oct 18/17

1st time with this MoM, this LA is seriously nice though! I’ve had allot of LA over the years, and this one stacks up with the best of them. It’s a quad in my book and the website pic does not do it justice! Look at it it’s caked. It has a pungent Odor right through the bag. It has to be doubl...
ahighervantage·Pure Releaf·1829d11 reviews

Tom Ford Death Bubba, Romulan from Pure Releaf + 280 / 250 + September (Free Samples)

It is insanely potent and tasty, cost is up there but its a treat
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