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Our specialty will be the highest quality quads you can come accross. Nothing is ever short we always over weigh. Orders placed before 9am PST will be sent same day.
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FunkY_BeE·Rayken·1156d27 reviews

Chem Valley Kush - Rayken - July 2020

Great sativa strain there

Nice bright tight nugs

Smell is herbal and citrus, maybe a little pepper

Taste is herbal, little earthy on exhale

Buzz is lightheaded, feeling creative but not super energized
Stonerscotian·Rayken·1185d402 reviews

Blue Cindy - Rayken - May 2020

A lovely sativa dominate, this is a great day time smoke. Could smoke this all day. It had a decent blue taste.

Perfect burn not to dry not to fresh. Nice lasting spacey high.
Quality - 8
Value - 8
38thirtyeight38·Rayken·1227d360 reviews

Gelato from Rayken May 12th 2020

[ ] Gelato AAA $140/OZ

Bag appeal = semi-dense/semi-fluffy bud is nicely manicured almost to perfection and is slightly sticky to the touch.

Smell/Taste/Burn = has that nice sweet fruity cookie nose to it that is well pronounced right out of the bag. It’s got a sweet and slightl...
vincec135·Rayken·1233d10 reviews

ATF - Rayken - early may

Amazing price with coupon stack, sadly no longer applicable. Rated as quads on their site, these are more of AAA or AAA+. Trim is lacking and got a lot of smalls. Nose is muted but a few days in the jar improved that. Mostly positives with this, enjoy mixing it with my more potent Indicas. For a fir...
38thirtyeight38·Rayken·1234d360 reviews

Blueberry from Rayken May 12th 2020

[ ] Blueberry AAA $120/OZ

Bag appeal = these buds were dense and sticky with a semi decent trim, a bit of leftover sugar leaf and has a good cure. Typical looking Blueberry buds that are olive green with pink and brown pistils and are covered in full trichomes with visible heads still intac...
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