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pmac222·Releafed·182d1 review

Purple Punchsicle 2.0 by Cannasseur North sourced from Releafed

Read negative things about this strain being dried out, minimal terps and no potency. The terps are definitely muted for the nose, but there’s still a faint grape koolaid kind of smell that’s really nice. That taste does translate into the smoke, which was extremely smooth. It wasn’t bursting ...
pooplinded-·Releafed·393d8 reviews

Platinum floji fse - releafed - July 20 2021

This fse is very good taste of sweet fruit and has fairly potent sedating effects. The terps on this are very strong I’m impressed yet again by kind selections. My review is honestly a 10/10 kind selections really makes some of the best concentrates in Canada
pooplinded-·Releafed·398d8 reviews

Platinum cookies and cream fse - releafed - July 15 2021

pooplinded-·Releafed·398d8 reviews

Platinum Winnie the blue - releafed - Thursday July 15 2021

Ordered a few concentrates so more review to come. Very impressed with this cart taste of blueberries and cream and a friend told me and smells like frosted flakes. Potency is very good too nice heavy hitting indica. Overall rating 10/10 in my opinion
MoscowRobotics·Releafed·473d10 reviews

Black Cherry Pie FSE (Kind Selections) - Releafed - April 2021

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