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Bouaiben·Sacred Gardens·88d18 reviews

Sacred runtz by sacred gardens/cannapanda

Wet Paint - Sacred Gardens - December 2021

Bag appeal 8/10 Chunky dense sticky bright green nugs

Nose 10/10 Smells like skunky/gassy nail polish remover definitely something unique I’ve never tried before

Smoke 10/10 Super dense compact sticky nugs taste sour and diesel and paint thinner all at the same time super c...

Bubba Dosi by Sacred Gardens sourced from Gizmocrafts December 2021

Bubba Dosi

• Lineage: Bubba Kush x Dosidos

• Bred by Unknown

• Cultivated by Sacred Garden

• Sourced from Gizmocrafts

• ? • Bag appeal - medium sized chunky buds with a nice tight trim are super dense with a snappy texture and ar...
PLUR_TOKES·Sacred Gardens·232d99 reviews

Cinderella 99 - Sacred Gardens / Gizmocrafts - December 2021

Sativa dominant hybrid strain crossing Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. Great strain for daytime use, I felt a nice balance between very focused and but still quite stoned. Mostly a head high but felt some body stone with increased use. The buds are dank, very dense and well manicured, sweet and creamy w...
shadowbudz420·Sacred Gardens·234d42 reviews

Cinderella 99 - Sacred gardens / Gizmocrafts / December 2021

This is a hybrid strain, I felt it’s sativa dominant. Very nice buds, really dense and caked lime green nugs with light orange hairs. The scent of the buds is creamy and a bit fruity, i felt that it translated nicely into the flavour. The effects are ideal for a wake and bake bong rip or mid day j...
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