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Craft Cannabis Concentrates
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WeedBlues·Sauce House·18d1 review

Website is down

Saucehouse is the best. they always the best stuff.
Main website is down but their Instagram account is
The temporary web link is
Hpiguy·Sauce House·276d1 review

Saucehouse bc scammer

I purchased two 3.5g ”baller jars of live resin... I got 3 grams in each jar of shake run honey oil tasting crap.. one jar you could fit an ounce in... whats balling about 3 grams in a 1 ounce jar... what a joke...
So i paid for 7g and got 6... both jars contained same tasting garbage.. I g...
Slayer_191·Sauce House·367d49 reviews

Apple Fritter & Hell's OG live resin / Saucehousebc / August 2021

My first order from saucehouse, Apple fritter is really creamy, smells really fruity, taste is very good, you can feel the buzz creeping for a few minutes, great stuff.

Hell's OG you open that jar and the gassy smell hits, it's little more wet. Dab hits behind the eyes, and I am ...
shhbb·Sauce House·370d54 reviews

Apple Fritter Honey Oil - Sauce House - Late July 2021

Really terpy stuff. To the point of having a separate terpene layer floating above crashed out sugary goodness. Not your generic old school honey oil. Probably be good for making your own carts. I've just been dabbing it straight or using it as a topper in my dynavap. Honestly as good or better...
Dope-Reviews·Sauce House·397d5 reviews

Apple Fritter Live Resin / SauceHouse / Late June

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