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Specializing in high quality buds, vape kits and accessories. Hassle free ordering process, shipping from GTA.
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Interac EMT
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mcmaxx·Secret Stash House·1422d48 reviews

[SecretStashHouse] Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5

Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5 | Original Review

This was a bit of an elusive strain to find info on... lots of ’pink’ strains and lots of ’zombie’ strains (like Zombie OG) so I didn’t know what to expect. This one o...
mcmaxx123·Secret Stash House·1422d51 reviews

[SecretStashHouse] Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5

Video Review



\[SecretStashHouse\] Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5 | [Original Review](
mcmaxx·Secret Stash House·1504d48 reviews

Larry OG Hybrid Indica - Secret Stash House

Video Review

Larry OG Hybrid Indica - Secret Stash House

There were the guys that had the Blue Tuna which I was very impressed. These buds are also similar to that of the tuna; dense, heavy, well cured but not crispy. It seems...
mcmaxx123·Secret Stash House·1504d51 reviews

Larry Og Hybrid - SecretStashHouse

Larry Og Hybrid - secretstashhouse - [Original Post](


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420Hunter·Secret Stash House·1783d4 reviews

El Chapo shipped...March 2018

Hey Guys


Overall Rating (out of 10) 10

Sign-Up...Was quick and painless

Ordering & Pricing.....Order was placed and emt accepted and shipped same day.....shipped from GTA so for me in Ontario was n...
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