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No mids, just quads. Quality genetics grown organically in living soil. Zero pesticides. No bullshit. The truth is in the burn.
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FaceLike_Thunder·Skookum·13d22 reviews

Candy Store - GetSkookum - July 2022

Great name & from The Wolf, this is a cross of Lemon Berry Candy OG x Ethos Cookies #16. Let’s do it.

Appearance: 9.2/10 - Most of the buds in my tin were quite big, sticky, hand-trimmed and frosty. Handling them leaves your fingers resinous, they have a pretty standard colour palette ...
FaceLike_Thunder·Skookum·29d22 reviews

Peanut Butter - GetSkookum (July 2022)

This one also caught my eye being grown by The Wolf, cracking this tin was an interesting rollercoaster. Let’saGo!

Appearance: 9.6/10 - big chonkers, super densely formed and hand trimmed, the buds are fresh to the cure, shifts and moves like kinetic sand when you’ve chopped it.
FaceLike_Thunder·Skookum·29d22 reviews

Godsmack - GetSkookum (July 2022)

Thank you to the person who lovingly packed this tin, all the buds were plated tip-up and it was a delight to open. Let’s dive in.

Appearance: 9.6/10 - really picturesque, I think the only think keeping me from giving it higher marks is that all the buds were slightly above average wit...
FaceLike_Thunder·Skookum·40d22 reviews

Grandaddy - GetSkookum (June 2022)

So nice I got it twice, let’s review Grandaddy from GetSkookum. The cross is Katsu Kosai x Grandaddy Purp. Never heard of the first one but let’s dig in.

Appearance: 9.5/10 - pretty fantastic, the purple flourishes of colours, the still sticky cure, the hand trim, great bud size and ...
Slim127171·Skookum·67d10 reviews

Animal Face Skookum end of May

Face Off OG x Animal Mints

fuel, citrus and sweetness.The flavour profile is bright and floral.

High is on from first the hit and then the couch lock up begins. Ash is light grey and very easy on the throat.

As always cks all quad boxes
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