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LampShadeListick·Stash Box·34d13 reviews

ICC x Sunset Sherbert / Smalls / Stashbox / End of June 2022

Tastes like chlorophyll and Sunset Sherb. I regret this purchase.. Gave PBB a shot and nope. Burns like shit leaves a weird feeling in my throat. Not even worth showing the nugs. It's all deception. Fair sized smalls but who cares. Burns and smokes like shit..
Bouaiben·Stash Box·43d18 reviews

Khalifa mint headwater, stashbox

Joined the hype train, I had to try this one , look is incredible taste like kush with faint mint taste give me a nice relax buzz nothing heavy burn fluffy white ash , probably will not order this again as I like my stuff more potent
Raps2k14·Stash Box·44d46 reviews

Cake Mints (PacificBudBoys) - Stashbox - June 2022

Can’t lie, this stuff is real nice.

Aesthetically, they’re medium nugs with mid to strong density. 75% purple, 25% green. Perfect look imo.

The smell is sweet which shows the wedding cake, with the slight animal strain “musk”. Hints of citrus, to showcase the mints ...
Cannaleafboi·Stash Box·68d1 review

KMAC - Stashbox - May 2022

SOLID. At $170 a zip quads pretty satisfied by this one from SB. Clean smoke and ash and lovin the good gas. A bit dry when it landed, but not overbearing. Smoked fine on land, rest sitting in a jar so hopefully gassy terps get even better.

On another note, does anyone know the grower/cul...
HighAsNasa·Stash Box·71d57 reviews

Gas Cream Cake (39green) / Stashbox / May 2022

Genetics ; Ice cream cake pheno

Source ; Stashbox / sbboutique

Grower; @39green

Haven't posted in a while, nothing has stood out enough for me to post but I got a couple strains I recently got from stash that I've been loving.

So this gas cream ...
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