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Xxx og from 100$/ 1/2 oz. 2 days delivered.

I’ve been a daily smoker for the last 20+years so not much stuff really impresses my tolerance flower wise. That being said, this shit knocked me on my ass. I had to put out my j about 3/4 through because I was just too baked. I even giggled for a good 10 minutes when my dog farted and his farts a...
Snax789·Stress Free Delivery·2489d13 reviews

Live resin hash / budder - Stressfreedelivery - $30-$35/g - September 2017

This will put you in a trance.. It’s very strong stuff.. Well worth it, I’m ordering more when the green crack shatter comes back
Snax789·Stress Free Delivery·2489d13 reviews

Og kush & green crack god shatter - Stressfreedelivery - $30/g (5g@$130) - September 2017

Only showing the ogk shatter in the pictures..

No more green crack god left to take a picture of, it’s tasty af, didn’t last long :)
Snax789·Stress Free Delivery·2502d13 reviews

Blueberry - Stressfreedelivery - $175 - September 12

Taste and its smell(especially) is really berry like.. I find it’s a bit of a creeper, seems more on the sativa side of hybrid spectrum, maybe I’m wrong idk .. Not the strongest strain around(tho my tolerance is probably above average) but very pleasant uplifting ride.. Bag appeal wise, it’s a...
Snax789·Stress Free Delivery·2502d13 reviews

Blueberry - Stressfreedelivery - $175 - Sept 12

Thank you, didn’t notice.. I just made a new post l think works :)
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