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j_killian·Sunset BC·882d56 reviews

Zour patch Kids FSE, Sunsetbc, March 4th

It’s 380$ u can get other hcfse straijsbfirb320$ right now or quarters for 160$ unfortunately for the zour patch all they have are 280& packs8u740
j_killian·Sunset BC·902d56 reviews

lemon meringue live resin, sunsetbc, April 17

This is some of the tastiest stuff I’ve ever smoked when you open the lid you get a wiff of this fruity goodness that carries through in to the taste lots of citrus aswell it’s a nice clear high that hits you almost on exhale I wish they didn’t sell out in a day or two and could of gotten more...
dabsanstuff·Sunset BC·917d2 reviews

Gorilla glue shatter - sunset bc - mid march

2/10 showed up quick but was also pretty waxy and deteriorated quickly
dabsanstuff·Sunset BC·917d2 reviews

Guru exotics - sunset bc - mid march

3/10 not very stable lots of cloudy waxy spots not really like what is shown on the website
j_killian·Sunset BC·939d56 reviews

Watermelon zittles caviar., Sunsetbc, March 10th

Taste like goods vagina
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