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j_killian·Sunset BC·939d56 reviews

Orange Aid HCFSE, Sunsetbc, March 10th

The weights are bang on and all that shot about live resin hasn’t even been sold since December is I tried a half oz of the live resins and didn’t find anything wrong also the say the floaters got through a 5 micro screen out our human hair is 75 microns so there telling us the floaters are 15x ...
j_killian·Sunset BC·954d56 reviews

Black gas shatter, Sunsetbc, Feb 25th

Has a very strong smell and hits hard only 1 blast and I can feel it wash over me, and the taste is very nice just like the flower, and burns very clean. And shipped quick ordered Friday got it in Ont today even before I had to go for work nice surprise.

Quality: 8.5
Value: 9
guimixer·Sunset BC·961d3 reviews

Gelato 45 / Sunset Bc / Feb 17 2020

Yes, it is as good as it looks, good stuff. Bright green leaf and full purple once grinded.

Looking is 10/10 and smell is 10/10.

Potency maybe 8/10, it is AAA.

REALLY SOFT on the throat and sweet perfect for a starter or an experimented, I smoke heavy hit on bong and neve...
Millerbomb·Sunset BC·968d8 reviews

G Wiz Sunsetbc early February

Quality 9/10
Value 8/10

My first time using HTFSE/HCFSE and I’m very impressed. The cost associated with this product seemed very nice compared to other options i got them both for 54$. Very nice on the nose, a potent herbal smell. The products taste matched this, very herbal...
lshd_710·Sunset BC·968d1 review

Dragon hash- SunsetBC

So for starters this is a quarter ounce piece out of the ounce i ordered for $80. I opened the package and was greeted with a spicy chocolate smell instantly with a slight hint of black liquorice. Gives a nice body buzz very similar to most hash experiences I’ve had. Nothing too crazy but definite...
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